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Monitoring & Inspections

Draw Inspections are an essential part of risk management.  Weissman Construction Services provides Draw Inspections services to Lenders & Investors of market rate and affordable housing projects. Our services are utilized by Lenders, Investors and Bonding Company’s to validate the appropriateness of a contractor’s funding requests before any payments are made. 


Our Draw Inspection Reports include:


  • A site visit at or near the bill-thru date

  • Collection and review of the contractor’s application (including back up documentation and lien waivers)

  • A review of the percentage of the work completed

  • Change Order review

  • Identification of stored materials onsite

  • Inspection, as necessary, of any materials stored offsite that are included in the pay request (including invoices, location information, facility insurance and bonds) 

  • A schedule review and projected completion date

  • An opinion of the quality of the work

  • Recommendations and Comments

  • Photos and Attachments


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